Information and Activities

Information and Activities

Mahana School is located in the beautiful Moutere Hills. Our school is a rural full primary New Entrants to Year 8, (ages 5–13) with three classrooms. We have a fully equipped kitchen and library, and our students are supported by up to date e learning and information technology. There are four full time registered teachers, including the principal and one part-time teacher. Two teacher aides work with individuals and small groups in a range of activities in and out of class. Children needing reading support are supported by a Reading Recovery teacher. The school has a music teacher available to provide individual tuition during a school day, for those who would like it.

Check out our handbook for more detailed information about how things take place at our kura.



At 9am each Monday we hold a whole school hui for a welcome to the week and notices. This is for students and families are welcome to be there.

At 2.30pm every second Wednesday we hold a learning celebration assembly. Senior students are expected to run school assemblies. Look out for dates on the newsletter.

Athletic Sports


This event is usually held close to Armistice Day, 11 November each year and whānau are encouraged to attend if possible.

Book Club

Karapu Pukapuka

Scholastic brochures are distributed to students throughout the year.


Riua Pahi

A Ministry funded bus is available to whānau who qualify. Contact the office to enquire about the route and expectations.

Creative Opportunties

Mask Parade, Productions, Band ...

Mahana has a 'can do' attitude and we love to give things a go, especially anything that allows us to be creative, involved, and learn within the arts curriculum.

Dental Service

Rata Niho

Mahana School is serviced by the Richmond School Dental Clinic, ph. 543 9292



New prospective parents are welcome. On enrolment, parents and caregivers will receive a standard enrolment form that is to be completed and returned to the office. Parents will also receive a school booklet that outlines school routines and other general information. While we do have an enrolment zone please contact the office to see what places are available.


Hui Taurima

The Mahana School Fiesta is held near the start of March most years.

Home and School

Kura Tautāwhi

This is a voluntary group of amazing parents. All Mahana parents / caregivers are welcome to join.

The association provides support to the school through fund raising, organising social and community activities, hosting special occasions, and generally assisting in the running of the school, and are very much appreciated.

Home Connections


Most importantly for us is ensuring we establish and maintain strong home and school relationships and partnerships. It does take a village and we want to ensure strong home and school partnership exists. Please contact your child's class teacher with any needs or concerns.

Kāhui Ako ki Motueka

Motueka Community of Learning

Mahana is an active member of the Motueka Kahui Ako. For more information see the Kahui Ako website.


Whare Pukapuka

At present the library is situated in the storage shed near the swimming pool. Families are welcome to use the library.

Music Tuition

Whakaako Rangi

A music tutor is available for one to one during school time. Contact the school office to find out more.



A school newsletter is sent out and posted to the web every second week.

Parent Help


Parents are welcome to help out in any way possible.

Reporting to Parents and Whānau

Term One - Written Individual Reports and a Parent - Teacher Interview. Term Three – Written Individual Reports and a Parent – Teacher Interview. Any parent or teacher can request an interview at any time with an appointment time convenient to both.

Restorative Practice

Ritenga Haumanu

Mahana School uses restorative practices to resolve behaviour issues encouraging children to take responsibility for choices made, understanding the effect on others, and learning what to do next time.

Smoke and Vape Free

Whaitua Auahi Kore

We are totally smoke and vape free on our premises. 



Mahana School meets on an annual basis with Motueka schools for swimming, gymnastics, cross country, winter sports and athletic sports. Teams are arranged for extra curricula sports regularly.

Student Responsibilities


Responsibilities include bell ringing, phone monitor, bus monitors, P.E. shed monitors, library monitor and peer mediator.

Swimming Pool


The pool is available to the community to use outside of school hours in the summer. Keys are available from the school office.

Technology Education


Once per week all Year 7 and 8 pupils travel by bus to Motueka for their Technology education at the Motueka Technology Centre based at Parklands School.