Classes and Learning

Mahana School provides learning through being social, exploration, inquiry, and self-reflection. In every class, the focus is on encouraging belief, effort and inspiration. We aim to develop the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating unique opportunities to prepare our students to live happy, thoughtful, creative, and fulfilling lives.

We want our students to be caring, curious and creative. 

Listen with your heart

Imagine with your mind

Create with your hands

Each class captures and shares learning and communicates to parents through the 'Seesaw' App.

See your child's teacher to be linked to the class pages.



Year 1 - 3
Rāhiri means 'to welcome', 'be appreciated, accepted and encouraged', reflective of Mahana's warmth and support for our younger students and wider whānau.



Year 3 - 5
Ngākaupai translates to 'goodhearted, positive, helpful and valuable', relating to our middle school students' attitudes and caring nature.



Year 5 - 8
Manawanui means 'to be steadfast, to have determination and perseverance', also to be 'dependable', characteristics that are expected from our older students as leaders in the school.

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