About Us

Mahana School is located in the beautiful Moutere Hills. Our school is a rural full primary New Entrants to Year 8, (ages 5–13) with three classrooms. We have a fully equipped kitchen and library, and our students are supported by up to date e learning and information technology. There are four full time registered teachers, including the principal and one part-time teacher. Two teacher aides work with individuals and small groups in a range of activities in and out of class. Children needing reading support are supported by a Reading Recovery teacher. The school has a music teacher available to provide individual tuition during a school day, for those who would like it.


Our Mission

Mātou Mīhana

To provide a warm, engaging environment where each child is known, valued and cared for enabling them to learn and grow.


Our Vision


To enable our students to make a difference in the world,

growing into great adults with 

caring hearts, curious minds and creative hands.



At 9am each Monday we hold a whole school hui for a welcome to the week and notices. This is for students and families are welcome to be there.
At 2.30pm every second Wednesday we hold a learning celebration assembly. Senior students are expected to run school assemblies. Look out for dates on the newsletter.

These are held on the Saturday closest to Armistice Day, 11 November each year. All teachers and pupils are expected to attend this event.

Scholastic brochures are distributed to pupils approximately twice per term.

The bus runs from Mapua to Mahana via Gardners Valley Road, George Harvey Road and Carlyon Road each morning and returns in the afternoon.

Mahana School is serviced by the Richmond School Dental Clinic, ph. 543 9292

New prospective parents are welcome. On enrolment, parents and caregivers will receive a standard enrolment form that is to be completed and returned to the office. Parents will also receive a school booklet that outlines school routines and other general information.

The Mahana School Fiesta is held near the start of March every second year.

This is a voluntary group of parents. All Mahana parents / caregivers are welcome to join.
The association provides support to the school through fund raising, organising social and community activities, hosting special occasions, and generally assisting in the running of the school.

Most importantly for us is ensuring we establish and maintain strong home and school relationships and partnerships. New entrants and juniors will have literacy and number basics to develop at home and middle and seniors will have reading as a requirement along with possible other tasks if required and topic research at times.

Mahana is an active member of the Motueka Kahui Ako. For more information see the Kahui Ako website.

At present the library is situated in the storage shed near the swimming pool. Families are welcome to use the library.

A music tutor is available for one to one during school time. Contact the school office to find out more.

A school newsletter is sent out and posted to the web every second week.

Parents are welcome to help out in any way possible.

Term One - Written Individual Reports and a Parent - Teacher Interview. Term Three – Written Individual Reports and a Parent – Teacher Interview. Any parent or teacher can request an interview at any time with an appointment time convenient to both.

Mahana School uses restorative practices to resolve behaviour issues encouraging children to take responsibility for choices made, understanding the effect on others, and learning what to do next time.

We are totally smoke free.

Mahana School meets on an annual basis with Motueka schools for swimming, gymnastics, cross country, winter sports and athletic sports. Teams are arranged for extra curricula sports regularly.

Responsibilities include bell ringing, phone monitor, bus monitors, P.E. shed monitors, library monitor and peer mediator.

The pool is available to the community to use outside of school hours in the summer. Keys are available from the school office.

Once per week all Year 7 and 8 pupils travel to Motueka for their Technology education at the Motueka Technology Centre


Our Values

Aroro Matauranga



  • Connected through community

  • Working together

  • Supporting individuality

03-543 2887

15 Mahana School Rd, R.D.1 Upper Moutere, Nelson 7173, New Zealand

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