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Where students are KNOWN, VALUED and CARED FOR.          Growing CARING, CURIOUS, and CREATIVE children.

        Building the essence of a quality CHILDHOOD

Mahana School is a fantastic place to learn. We are a small rural primary school with three classrooms and wonderful students, situated in the beautiful Moutere Hills. 

We offer excellent teaching and learning, a strong vision and values, positive and responsible children, and a wonderfully supportive community. 

We aim to have our tamariki leave as Year 8s with a real sense of belonging and purpose, with the essential skills for high school, and with 'mahanatanga' in their hearts.​

                                                                        Mahanatanga FOR LIFE

Our curriculum, teaching, and learning, and the way we do things around here, aim to encourage our students to... 

                                        LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART,                                                                                               IMAGINE WITH YOUR MIND,

                                      CREATE WITH YOUR HANDS.

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